Developped and patented by Genius Objects, Zip and Go® provides for new experiences across a range of fields in luggage, baggage, outdoor gear and sportswear, personal protection and healthcare among others.

A connected technology
for new users experiences

This technology can be leveraged by your products. It’s triggered by day to day gestures, such as zipping or unzipping, with an enhanced user experience on a smartphone.

Zip and Go® is a patented technology designed and made in France.

Technical details

The connected zipper is embedded in your product and linked to an electronic card which communicates through Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone.

  • E-textile sensor
  • Electronic card
  • Smartphone application


  • Connect
    Your product to a smartphone
  • Alert
    If your product is opened or closed
  • Activate
    Other applications in your products
  • Track
    Location and activity

Made in France

Zip and Go®, designed and patented by Genius Objects has been developed in partnership with Satab, narrow textile articles European leader.


Use cases

Use case #1

Card image cap

You’re in the subway and you’re carrying your laptop, your wallet and your glasses in your backpack. Someone opens your pack in an attempt to steal your belongings. Zip and Go® technology sends you an alert to prevent the theft.

Use case #2

Card image cap

A technician is carrying out work on the motorway. On closing his protective jacket Zip and Go® technology activates lights in the fabric and a distant control desk can localise him on a map. By being more visible on site and tracked at a distance he is better protected.