Genius objects is a B2B company which imagine, prototype and produce digital experience for e-textile products in a numerous application fields.

  • Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Luggage
  • Outdoor
  • Personal protection
  • Health
  • Military
  • Space

Business case

Smart-zip by Tintamar

In 2003, Tintamar simplified and revolutionised the day to day life of women by inventing an intelligent pocket : the VIP. In 2017, in a connected era, Tintamar teams with Genius Objects and the Zip and Go® technology.

Use cases

Use case #1

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You’re in the subway and you’re carrying your laptop, your wallet and your glasses in your backpack. Someone opens your pack in an attempt to steal your belongings. Zip and Go® technology sends you an alert to prevent the theft.

Use case #2

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A technician is carrying out work on the motorway. On closing his protective jacket Zip and Go® technology activates lights in the fabric and a distant control desk can localise him on a map. By being more visible on site and tracked at a distance he is better protected.

Use case #3

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Lost your keys at the bottom of your bag? Seems like you’ve been rooting around there for an age? Does that sound familier? Zip and Go® technology makes it possible to add a light to the zipper of your bag which turns on when you open your bag!

Use case #4

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When camping on holidays or at a festival your tent is protected with Zip and Go® technology. You enter your pass code into your smartphone to disable the alarm and when you open your tent, the light turns on!