The textile industry is reinventing itself, thanks to emerging new technologies. New products, new use cases, new markets; from connected sensors to mobile applications, our teams develop highly adapted solutions to propose new connected experiences for your clients.

A personal support
to meet your specific requirements

  • Are you seeking technology solutions for your connected products?
    Genius Objects has developed and patented a set of sensors that are adapted for use in the textile sector and are easy to integrate.
  • Do you want
    to explore
    new markets?

    Genius Objects' ready-to-connect technology allows you to discover new use cases for your products.
  • Do you want to initiate a process of R&D for connected products?
    Genius Objects supports and guide you at each step of your e-textile project, from initial idea to market entry.

Our value proposition Save you time in the development of new connected products.

  • Cost and delivery
  • Risk
  • Regulatory framework

How we do it

Industrial production capacity
Unique and patented e-textiles solutions
UX design expertise
Software & electronics full stack solutions
Your success
in e-textile !

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