Developed and patented by Genius Objects, Zip and Go® provides for new experiences across a range of fields in luggage, baggage, outdoor gear and sportswear, personal protection and healthcare among others.

A connected technology
for new user experiences

Easily integrated into your products, this technology allows you to use a simple daily gesture, such as closing your bag or coat, to activate new connected functions: send a notification on your smartphone, switch on a light on the product, turn on a heated textile etc. Zip and Go® technology is developed and manufactured in France.

Discover the Zip and Go® range

The connected zipper integrates with your product and is connected to a circuit board that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth®.

The standalone sensor for integration
into your e-textile projects
  • Zip sensor
  • - Separating zippers, zippers by the meter
  • - Metallic zippers, spiral zippers
  • - 4-mesh, 6-mesh
  • - Customizable length
  • - Customizable colour
An out-of-the-box pack to deploy a safety-oriented project in just a few days
  • Zip sensor
  • Circuit board
  • Audible alarm
  • Bluetooth®
  • Android & iOS apps
  • Event logging
  • Radio certifications (FCC, ..)
Your made-to-measure project
Features available on request
  • Made-to-measure zip sensor
  • Made-to-measure circuit board
  • Made-to-measure mobile application
  • Made-to-measure back office and web API
  • Secured storage of collected data
  • Optional LoRa technology and Sigfox modules
  • Optional GPS module
  • Made-to-measure protective case
  • Gateway with your existing IT system
  • Radio certifications (FCC, ..)

Made in France

Genius Objects relies on the expertise of Satab, the European leader in narrow textiles, to develop the textile element of Zip and Go®. Established in the historical area of Saint-Etienne and founded in 1905, Satab is a family-run, independent company. The company creates, weaves, braids and knits a range of tapes, straps and cords. It also manufactures zippers and other narrow textiles items. Satab successfully bridges the gap between tradition and innovation with its R&D centre, where Zip and Go® has been produced with great success.

Use cases

Use case #1

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You’re in the subway and you’re carrying your laptop, your wallet and your glasses in your backpack. Someone opens your pack in an attempt to steal your belongings. Zip and Go® technology sends you an alert to prevent the theft.

Use case #2

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A technician is carrying out work on the motorway. On closing his protective jacket Zip and Go® technology activates lights in the fabric and a distant control desk can localise him on a map. By being more visible on site and tracked at a distance he is better protected.