This latest techological development turns your traditional daily checklist of indispensable objects into a smart and instinctive connected object. You’ll be sure to never forget anything again.

A technological development
to make day-to-day life easier

List and Go® connects your valuable possessions to one another and allows them to communicate. By creating a close protection field, you are alerted immediately if one of the objects breaches the perimeter. The dedicated mobile application allows you to check in real time that you really are taking everything you need with you.

Discover the List and Go® range

List and Go® can be adapted to all types of products. Your objects communicate betweenthemselves, and with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

An out-of-the-box solution, ready for integration with your products
  • List and Go® electronics
  • Track and Go® tracking devices
  • Bluetooth®
  • Android & iOS apps
  • Radio certifications (FCC, ..)
Your made-to-measure project
  • List and Go® electronics
  • Customisable tracking devices
  • Bluetooth®
  • Customisable applications
  • Radio certifications (FCC, ..)
  • Made-to-measure protective case


  • Connects
    your objects between them and to a smartphone
  • Notifies
    if an object is missing or strays too far
  • Locates
    your items in case of loss or theft

Use cases

Use case #1

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You slip your wallet, keys and work pouch into your handbag. List and Go® recognises each object and informs you via notification that your ‘daily checklist’ is complete.

Use case #2

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You put on your coat as you leave the office. A red indicator ignites on your sleeve and you immediately receive a notification on your phone, warning you that you have forgotten your wallet.