Genius Objects launches POZZZ the first smart pocket that regulates digital consumption.

The POZZZ pouch and its app

Equipped with the ZIP and GO smart textile sensor developed by Genius Objects, POZZZ records the time without a screen, the POZZZ pouch is a mediation tool between the child and the parents.

Our relationship with screens is a real societal issue, Smartphone overexposure disrupts the climate at home and often explains the lack of sleep or even the educational difficulties of children. Mediator of digital consumption, POZZZ allows the creation of customizable family challenges and reintroduces trust in the parent-child relationship around screens. The tool intervenes well upstream of traditional parental control systems, by giving the initiative to the child, by placing him in a position of responsibility.

A patented technology, resulting from 3 years of R&D

POZZZ is the latest innovation from Genius Objects. The connected pouch closes with a zip fitted with an internationally patented electronic sensor. Each opening / closing is recorded by mobile application. If the child decides to open the zip, he puts an end to his pozzz: the disconnection time is over and recorded on the parents' dashboard, the child, for his part, is rewarded and encouraged.

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